What are the rules for Challenges?

For all Picsart Challenges:

  • Users can submit up to three original entries per Challenge.
  • Users may only use their own content (e.g. photos, edits, or stickers) or #freetoedit content to create their submissions.
  • Users may not take someone else's content (e.g. photos, edits, stickers, drawings) and submit it as their own.
  • Users should not actively campaign for or ask for votes.
  • All submissions must follow Picsart's Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. We reserve the right to reject submissions that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.

Challenge-specific rules:


  • No heavy or extreme editing.
  • No photos that are under/over exposed or with a very low/very high contrast.
  • No out-of-focus photos.
  • No watermarks.
  • No collages.

Sticker Creation

  • Users must submit new, original stickers.
  • The submission cannot be a Remix.


  • Users can submit up to three original drawings made with Picsart's drawing tools or the Picsart Color app.
  • Drawings may not include any stickers or photos.