What is a brand refresh?

A brand refresh is simply a sharpening-up of messaging and visuals. In our case, these changes reflect how Picsart and our creators are constantly growing and evolving.

Why are you changing PicsArt to Picsart?

Our platform has grown and has become much more than a photo editor so we decided to turn our name into one word that takes the emphasis off ‘Pictures’ and ‘Art’. Instead, we want to make it clear that we celebrate all forms of self-expression through all forms of digital art, from photo and video editing to illustration and graphic design.

Will you bring back the old design? 

No, we will not be bringing back the old design. Our goal wasn’t to only refine Picsart but to make Picsart even easier and more powerful for our creators, so it was time to refine and evolve. 

Is Picsart going to become more expensive because of the new brand? 

Picsart will not be changing subscription prices due to the brand refresh. At the moment, we have no plans of changing the cost of Picsart Gold

Are you going to change how the editing tool works or where tools are located?

Editing tools and tool location may change to provide a better editing experience in the future. We’ll make sure to inform you of these changes when they happen.

Why can’t I see the new look yet?

The changes will continue to happen gradually through the week. Hang tight for the new version which should appear soon. Make sure you update your Picsart app to the latest version to see the new look! You can also see the new designs on our website.

What's next?

To learn more about our efforts into building the long-term future of Picsart, check out this blog post.

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