To start editing, open the app and tap add_3x.png to head to the Create page. From there you can access all the different editing options available in the Picsart app.

Photo Editor

Start editing by selecting an image from under Photos. You can search through the rest of your gallery, #freetoedit, and stock images by tapping All Photos. You can also access your ongoing projects by scrolling all the way to the left.

Video Editor

You can edit videos by selecting one from under Videos. You can search through the rest of your gallery by tapping All Videos.

You can use Replay to recreate other users’ edits step-by-step on your own photos. This makes creating new edits very fast and simple. Scroll horizontally to view various Replay options and select the one you want to try!

Make photo collages using various layouts and frames, or select Freestyle to create your own custom layouts.


Choose from a variety of templates to quickly create good looking edits. There are many templates available in different themes and formats. Tap All Templates then select the hashtag and size you want at the top, to find the best template for you.


Choose from an extensive collection of backgrounds with fun themes and patterns. Tap See All to view all the available background options. You can also set a transparent background or a specific color at the top.


Create beautiful illustrations and freeform edits with the Draw tool. You can use multiple brushes, the Text Brush tool, use layers, and more! You can export your entire process as a video or GIF file.

To access specialized drawing, painting, and sketching features, tap on Install Color to download the Picsart Color app Screen_Shot_2021-02-17_at_01.37.58.png and create extraordinary illustrations.

Free Photos

Select from an assortment of Picsart #freetoedit photos and get creative by using our extensive editing tools. 
Tap on See All to see and search through Picsart’s entire library of #freetoedit photos, stickers, and your phone’s gallery.

Color Backgrounds

Select a background from a wide range of colors for your edits. 
To select and set a specific color as your background, keep scrolling left till you reach the Color Picker and tap on it.

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