On September 21, 2020, we retired Remix Chat, the tool that enables private user-to-user communication. This means users are no longer able to privately message each other through PicsArt or access previous chats.  

Why is PicsArt removing Remix Chat?

Our mission is to provide the best all-in-one photo and video editing platform. The decision was made so we can focus resources on building new and innovative editing tools for the PicsArt community. 

Will I be able to access previous chats once Remix Chat is retired? 

No, previous chats will no longer be visible after September 21st. 

Will Remix Chat return to PicsArt?

We are considering bringing an improved Remix Chat in the near future.

How do I save content and messages from previous chats? 

We recommend taking screenshots of important messages and saving them to your preferred device. 

How do I message PicsArt users?

Users who have verified their email addresses can publicly communicate with each other through comments. Comments will be fully restored globally by the time Remix Chat is retired. 

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