Benefits and FAQs about the Masters Program

What are the benefits of being a Master Storyteller or Master Contributor?

All members of the Masters Program receive:

  • Free subscription to Picsart Gold.
  • Special Masters badge on their Picsart profile.
  • Private platform to connect with and learn from other Masters.
  • Dedicated support channel.
  • Direct access to Picsart’s community team.
  • Exclusive monthly newsletter.
  • Advance access to news and updates from Picsart.
  • Opportunities to be featured on Picsart’s social media accounts, blog, website, and more.

Benefits are updated as the Masters Program continues to grow and evolve.

After I become a Masters program member, can I be removed from the program later?

Yes, we reserve the right to remove members who are not abiding by Picsart’s Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, or Masters Program Code of Conduct.

Will I lose my Masters status if I change my username or email address?

No, your Masters status will not be affected if you change your username or email address. If something unexpected has happened to your Masters status, please reach out to the Community team.

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